Diverticula are the formation of pouches on the intestinal mucous membrane through natural weak spots in the muscular wall of the colon. They are mostly located in the colon (colon sigmoideum, sigmoid). The reasons for their development are not completely known. Diverticula mainly occur among the population in the so-called industrial countries, leading to the conclusion that wrong nutrition, a lack of physical exercise and similar conditions may play a role here.

This kind of nutrition together with a weakness of the connective tissue especially at an advanced age may lead to chronic constipation. This significantly increases the pressure in the intestine and leads to an eversion of the intestinal mucosa through the muscular layer.

Diverticulosis referrs to the presence of diverticula that cause no or unspecific complaints like flatulence, cramps or irregular bowel movements.

Diverticulitis referrs to an inflammation of one or several diverticula.

1 Liver
2 Stomach
3 Transverse colon
4 Small intestine
Ascending colon

Sigma (Colon sigmoideum)