Pelvic Floor Descensus - Descending Perineum Syndrome (DPS)

The treatment consists of two parts: One third is surgery, whereas two thirds are required for after-care!

The surgery

Let's stay with the image of the hammock when talking about the pelvic floor and image how this might look after many years of use - meaning sagging at the lowest point. In order to reinstate an even and comfortable position, the material around the sagging spot is gathered and fixed in place with stitches.

Pelvic floor surgery is quite similar to this. In principle, the construct of muscles, connective tissue and fat is lifted and thus raised by several centimetres. Possible accompanying diseases like rectocele or pathologically enlarged haemorrhoids should be treated as well during this surgery.

If a previously diagnosed excessively elongated colon is concomitant of the descensus of the pelvic floor and/or constipation, this piece is also removed in order to enable the stool to pass in due time.

After surgery

After staying in hospital for just a few days, you will still require care. The intestine must return to its original function of digesting properly and “remember” how to do so. What has been impaired for a number of years in the colon and rectum takes some time and patience to repair. The intestine, mainly the intestinal wall, must “learn” to move in a proper manner (peristaltic). Especially the intake of laxatives over a long period of time makes the intestine extremely “sluggish”. This may not be back to normal straight after surgery.

With the help of our aftercare concept, which is comprised of pelvic floor therapy, proper nutrition, possible nutritional supplements and exercise as essential elements, the intestinal activity is optimally stimulated. This also requires a lot of patience and compliance on behalf of the patients.

We are not satisfied until you are!

Until then, we will accompany and assist our patients and are at your service as contact person at all times.

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