Feacal incontinence

Do you experience pain on or in the anus during bowel movement or do you frequently suffer from itching or weeping in this region? Or do you need more toilet paper than before to feel clean? Is your underwear soiled at times? Time to start taking notice. These symptoms may indicate a disease of the rectum.

A taboo for many - the rectum

The rectum forms the last 16 cm of our digestive tract including the anus. A sphincter system and haemorrhoidal cushions seal it off to the outside. The unpleasant symptoms described - commence if the function principle of this system is fundamentally disturbed. The functionality of this sphincter system is closely related to the state of the pelvic floor, which most people associate exclusively with gynaecology. But let's not forget that every human being has a pelvic floor.

Haemorrhoids, faecal incontinence?

Faecal incontinence may have different causes. Here we will only go into the ones based on mechanical disorders and/or a weakness of the rectum tissue.

By the way - uncontrolled flatulence is already classified as 1st degree faecal incontinence.

It often starts with haemorrhoids: at first, men or women suffer from a "haemorrhoid" now and again. The problem often subsides with or without ointment. Later (and this may take years) the haemorrhoid appears more often and occasionally causes pain and bleeding during defaecation.

At the end of this process, the sufferers have to push the haemorrhoid back into the anal canal themselves because it has prolapsed. Frequently and often completely unnoticed, more than the haemorrhoidal tissue is already afflicted. Only a proctological examination can reveal the true extent of the disease! At times, the underwear is now not that clean anymore in the evening. And in the end "pushing back" also no longer works. At this point, we assume that the entire sphincter function is impaired in such a way that smaller stool quantities can no longer be retained.

The good news is that no one has to succumb to this development!