Constipation / irregular bowel movement

In case of minor symptoms, you can improve your condition by changing your diet (lots of fibre, lots of liquid) and the right pelvic floor training. In an advanced stage, however, you should consider surgery.

We usually operate rectal prolapses and/or rectocele transanally, meaning through the anus. The overstretched excess haemorrhoidal and rectal tissue is removed using modern techniques and the remaining healthy tissue is returned to its original position. Due to the fact that the necessary cuts are made in a region that does not transmit pain, this surgical method can be justly labelled "low-pain". The fact that there are no open wounds is another advantage of this method.

At least three months after surgery, the CPCC team is your contact person on site and also at your service by phone at all times.

Subsequent therapy

The intestinal tissue that prolapsed into the anal canal strains the sphincter that surrounds the canal through permanent expansion. In some patients, this muscular system may be temporarily weak after such reconstructive surgery and not able of performing its tasks properly. In some cases, the intestinal flora seems to have been disturbed for years, because the stool remains too long in the rectum, for example. The patients may experience (mostly temporary) food intolerances after such surgery.

Important to know: with such diseases, surgery remedies the consequences but not the causes!

A special aftercare concept is helpful here that deals with the musculature on the one hand and with the functionality of the rectum on the other. Nutrition counselling is part of this. This means that we require active participation from our patients.

An overstretched and/or extended intestine should always be seen in context with the pelvic floor that keeps the intestine, above all the colon and the rectum, in position. Weakening and/or deformation of the pelvic floor muscles are often the cause of the problems discussed here. A special therapy may be required depending on the state...

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